Please Note: Applications for the 2019 Green Card Lottery close November 22 2018.
Registration is open throughout the year on this site.

What is the Green Card Lottery?

The Green Card Lottery (also know as the Diversity Immigration Program) makes 55,000 permanent residencey visas available, every year, to individuals and families from countries deemed to have a low immigration rate in the USA.

This Green Card entitles you and your family to live, work and study in the United States!

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How can Go Green Card Lottery Help Me?

Having wanted to move to the USA myself, I realized how difficult it is to apply for the FREE Green Card Lottery, run by the US State Department. The time I spent researching how to apply, actually applying at the right time (and remembering to do so), and then waiting 5 months to see if I won or not was very time consuming and frustrating.

Go Green Card Lottery makes it easier for anyone tothe Green Card Lottery by simplifying the process and removing the hassle currently experienced by those who go the State Department route.

We offer a fully inclusive service, not offered by State Department, whereby we check your application until it is correct, then submit on your behalf and check if you have been successful in due course. The status of your application is updated to your user profile, so you can quickly check what stage your application is at.

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How do I know if I Qualify for the Green Card Lottery?

Not all countries in the world are eligible for the Green Card Lottery, so we have provided a list of all the qualifying countries for you to check, before you begin your application.

Our detailed form will collect all the information required by the US State Dept for your Green Card Lottery application. We also provide comprehensive instructions to make sure the photographs you submit meet the requirements (Very Important!)

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Subscription Options

usa 1 Year Single Application $50
usa 2 Years Get 50% discount  on Second Year! $80
usa 3 Years Third Year is FREE! $100