About Go Green Card Lottery

Hi I am Evan King from Johannesburg  and Cape Town in sunny South Africa.

I am a practical person who enjoys streamlining out of date or just plain difficult processes and businesses.
I have always loved the idea of business and new innovative and entrepreneurial ideas.

I’ve learned it’s not always about a new idea as there are so few truly new innovations in a world full of smart diverse and wonderful people but rather about finding something you’re passionate about and fine tuning it to offer better to an ever thirsty customer base.

What did I require when researching the USA green card lottery ?

  • A company I could trust would do what it said it would!
  • A company that could simplify the whole process for me, therefore freeing up my valuable time and affording me the peace of mind that I would be entered and thereby have an opportunity to win a green card (undoubtably one of the most valuable assets in the world)
  • A company that didn’t push or shove me around with call center agents or try to hard sell me. Someone I could communicate with personally and ask questions if need be without feeling bad about not signing up. It’s all about the relationship!
  • A company that had my best interest at heart and not just their bottom line.
  • Wouldn’t it be great if that same company gave back to the planet in some small way. (10% of every Go Green Card Lottery application fee is donated to your choice of one of our listed charities)

Why did I start Go Green Card Lottery?

If like me you’ve done some research you will know I found the current offerings to be outdated frustrating pushy and untrustworthy or downright expensive.

I wanted to change all that and offer the following :- a company I would be proud to do business with!

  1. Quality customer service and experience.
  2. Fair pricing.
  3. Ongoing relationship building.
    • Giving back to customers for referrals – Free US Lottery ticket for every referral!
    • Donations to global NGO’s to ‘share the love’. 10% of our fees go to Save the Rhino, Habitat for Humanity and the SPCA.

If you feel there are others in need of this funding please let us know and if we feel as passionate about them as you we will add them to the list. It is most important to us that this funding is used appropriately and gets to the grass roots where the major issues are faced and not in the pocket of any CEO or CFO!
Lets follow our passions, roll the dice and share the love!

Founder of